>> World of Fans.

Experience the unique spirit of the big smart community.

With an open-minded spirit, innovative thinking and the courage to explore new ways, smart has redefined urban mobility. smart fans probably know better than anyone else why driving a smart is truly unique – it’s a feeling that makes you part of one big community. And what would smart times be without all the fans, enthusiasts and even all the people. Find out more about what the world of smart fans offers to you. What would smart times be without the thousands of international fans of all ages?

This summer fans are offered a varied program. We are looking forward to an infectious good mood in the Club Area, the creations at the Sandcastle Contest, bright children’s eyes in the Kids Area as well as old and new friends at the beach volleyball court!

Kids Area – there’s not much you can’t experience.

As in previous years our youngest guests will experience fun, variety and professional support in our Kids Area. It is self-evident that with so much surplus sand and water can be baked and dug, shoveled and splashed. It is a matter of course that the fine arts are not to be missed: With finger-colors, a smart turns into one-of-a-kind. And even on paper the little artists can design the smart of their desires themselves.