>> smart times – the story.

Find out about the world’s biggest smart community event of smart enthusiasts.

smart times – this is the world’s biggest community event of smart enthusiasts. What originally started as a local initiative of the Austrian smart club almost two decades ago has developed to an international event.


Every summer smart fans are celebrating together their cars. Nowhere in the world is the common passion for smart as well as the captivating joy of the fan community as noticeable as at smart times. In 2011, smart times went on Europe tour. Since then thousands of fans have been writing memorable smart times history in Italian Riccione, Antwerp, Lucerne, on the coast of Lisbon, in Budapest and Hamburg.


This year we will bring the everlasting goosebump feeling to Spain. Following the trend of the past years, more guests than ever before will follow the invitation to the Catalan coast of Salou. From 16 – 17 June 2017 the colorful smart world finds its way to the amazing beach and promenade. Streets and surrounding areas are going to be covered with smart vehicles from all over Europe. For two days everything revolves around mutual rides and a varied program. New trends, parties, culture and culinary delights of the region are promising prospects for a tailor-made event which definitely should not be missed at all.