>> Welcome of the Nations.

Welcome to smart enthusiasts from more than 44 nations!

Nowhere you can feel the contagious joy and power of the huge smart community like at smart times. Clubs, enthusiasts and plate numbers are colorful and various like the smart cars themselves. Every year the number of participants and the diversity of the nations is growing more an more. What would smart times be without its fans and clubs? Without high spirits, joy of living, friendships and the joy of reunion every summer? Therefore, we traditionally free the stage for clubs, fans and a positive attitude towards life: With the “Welcome of the Nations-Show” we get the different nations and enthusiasts on stage. Mrs. Dr. Annette Winkler inaugurates smart times 2017 and provides a forum for those who are passionate and give everything for the community and their cars. Let’s look forward to the cheer of the crowd and join them! On Friday, June 16 we welcome all nations on stage at smart times 2017 in Salou!